5 Axis Components


The quest for high productivity is the main criteria in Moyola’s approach to Machine Tool investment. In keeping with this strategy Moyola’s facilities contain the very latest in modern 5-axis machine technologies. The flagship machines deployed in the production of large 5-axis aluminium aerostructure components are Starrag ECOSPEED 2035 F products, recognised in the industry as being the benchmark standard for outstanding productivity and quality in high speed machining. With the capacity of producing parts up to 3.8m x 2.0m the machines are equipped with 120 KW spindles capable of generating a record breaking 8000cu/cm of chips/minute. The unique parallel kinematic head and 1g acceleration in all axes provides the fastest dynamics for a machine of its size and class. The specification also includes a fast automatic tool changer and automatic pallet changer to reduce idle time to a minimum. An innovative 6-axis head also provides additional versatility and access to difficult to reach features. Moyola has invested in four of these machines plus a smaller version of the same Starrag ECOSPEED technology in the form of an ECOSPEED FHT model. This capacity is further supported by a large 5-axis SNK machine tool, which together represents an investment in excess of £10M.

In addition to the manufacture of large 5-axis aluminium components, Moyola has recently been active in offering smaller part and assembly solutions to the aerospace industry. Once again in the quest for high productivity and after intensive market research the machine of choice for these smaller parts is the GROB G550.

Treatments to Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier standards are sourced locally.